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Mothers Day 2022: The Wise Woman

May 08, 2022
Forward Church
Mothers Day 2022: The Wise Woman
Show Notes

In a day when women were considered second-class, Jesus shattered prejudices and elevated the status of women to unprecedented heights.

Only in Christian circles have women been lifted up to true equality with men, which doesn’t exist in many parts of the world. It’s unique that the writer of the book of Proverbs, the wisest man that ever lived, Solomon, is portraying wisdom as a woman. 

The quality of a home does not depend on location, size, or zip code if you live behind a gate or don’t if you have a small or a big backyard or none at all if you have a view from your home or don’t. It is the woman that makes the home. 

In this Mother's Day Sermon, Pastor Bogdan turns our attention to a wise woman in the Bible named Abigail. Abigail was a wise woman in a situation that could have gone really bad for her and for her family. Wise women wield much power and influence - for better or for worse. 

Let's get ready to find hope in Jesus, by listening to this message.

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